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Patriotic Play
Posted On:
Monday, November 05, 2018
Bo Bice on stage
Bo Bice on stage

The third grade students at Cowan Elementary performed their annual play celebrating America today.  Each year students in the third grade study America and present this spectacular play.  Children also research and create projects that describe what they have learned about America.  These are on display in our new Veteran's Hall.  CES has a permanent display celebrating the service of all veterans.  Special thanks to Cody Kilby and Bo Bice for attending.  Cody Kilby played the guitar while his niece Zoe Cole sang.  Beautiful music!  Bo Bice came and told children a wonderful story of a grand old flag.  He also brought his grandfather's flag and proudly talked about his grandfather's service in WWII.  Our biggest thanks goes out to the veterans in the audience.  Many of the veterans took the time today to talk to all classes at CES about their service.  5th grade enjoyed having the county mayor David Alexander visit and tell about his service in the army which included jumping out of airplanes!   Johnny Hand assisted with the music and closed the show by singing "Proud to Be an American."  Thank you to all veterans for your service.   

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