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Penny Tankersley Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Second Grade

 Hello! I am so glad to meet you! I am Penny Wilson Tankersley.My family 
moved to Winchester in 1960 from Pelham. I attended Mary Sharp, Clark 
Memorial, and Franklin County High School. I graduated from MTSU with a 
degree in Psychology and minors in Sociology and Elementary Education. I began 
teaching in 1976. I am starting my 42nd year!
  I so enjoy teaching your children. It's as if my children were reborn again 
every year . I get to revisit favorite books,watch young minds learn to tell 
time,add, subtract,learn grammar,and travel around the world. This is a most 
exciting time in the life of a child!
  My favorite quote."I am Third," by Gayle Sayers.(This is from Sayers' book 
by the same title, God is first, my family is second, and I am third.)

Together we can!