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Welcome to Second Grade  


Welcome to Second Grade

We are pleased to have your child in second grade.

These are a few procedures that help the school run smoothly.

Morning arrival

In the mornings, students are to be dropped off at the main entrance. The school opens at 7:00. If your child arrives at school between 7:00 and 7:45, your child must go to bus study hall and breakfast. Breakfast is free! If your child arrives between 7:45 and 8:00, your child must go straight to the classroom. After 8:00, a parent must escort the child into the building and to the office to sign in for being tardy. Students are expected to be in the classroom by 8:00am.

Early Release Wednesdays

We will have Early Release Wednesdays. This will be every Wednesday. School will be dismissed at 2:30 on Wednesdays.

Afternoon pick-up

Please let your child know how he or she will be picked up in the afternoon. If your child is a regular pick-up, the child will receive a pick-up number with instructions on the back. Please let us know if your child needs one. Please send a signed, dated note with your child’s name on it if your child is going home with someone else.


Second graders will have a homework folder. There will be a homework sheet with sight words and a math sheet. Second graders will have homework Monday-Thursday nights. There will be no homework on Friday nights. There will be a spelling test on Thursdays. There will be a reading comprehension test on Fridays. A lunch menu will be in the folder. The lunch menu will also serve as a behavior chart. Each student will color the date at the end of the day which will reflect the student’s behavior. (Green is great. Yellow is a warning. Orange, purple and gray require a disciplinary action. Ms. Cynthia and parents will be contacted if a student is on red.)



Please read the back.


Bulldog Folder

A white folder with a bulldog on the cover will be sent home every Wednesday. It will contain student work and sometimes important school papers. Please sign the back of it after you have reviewed the contents. You may keep your child’s weekly work and return the empty, signed folder.


Please send a bottle of water and a simple for your child. Snack time is a privilege. There may be a few days when we do not have time to eat snacks due to other activities.


Medications have to be in the prescribed bottles. Parents have to take these medications to the school nurse and complete proper papers. Also, when a student is sick the nurse will take their temperature. If the temperature is 100 or more, parents will be called to come and get the student.


We would appreciate it if your child wears soft-soled shoes on P.E. days.

Contact the teachers

We will be glad to talk to you by phone, in person, or by email. Cowan Elementary School’s phone number is 967-7353. Email is best for us.

Shannon Arnold’s email is

Penny Tankersley’s email is


Check out the websites for current events.

Thank you for your time and involvement!